Appeal for Aid to an Orphanage and School in Bangladesh due to Famine

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Rat Infestation Hits Bangladesh
BBC News, 22 March 2008.
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Photos from Harbhang Rakhine Adarsha Shishu Shikshalaya
Harbhang Rakhine Adarsha Shishu Shikshalaya
Harbhang Buddhist Para, Harbhang, Chakaria
Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.


I am writing to inform you that the entire country of Bangladesh is facing a formidable famine. As founder, headmaster, and sole custodian of Harbhang Rakhine Adarsha Shishu Shikshalaya, I am quite at a loss what to do. Due to the acute shortage of funds, it is impossible for me to continue to run the orphanage and school. All of the children are suffering from a lack of food and clothing. In this situation, it is not possible to conduct proper classes. Their misery knows no bounds.

Bangladesh has been experiencing a famine situation since November 2007. Without any means of support, I have written to request that you would grant us, as you have in the past, some donation. Please respond favorably, with humanitarian concern for our orphanage and our Buddhist community.

Our plight has recently become so dire that I fervently pray that you will be kind enough to provide the assistance we so urgently need for our orphanage and school.

Thank you very much for your concern and cooperation.

Faithfully yours,
Maung Yein

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