Donation to Victims of Cyclone Nargis in Laputta Township - YBSLM

July 1, 2008

Dear Donors:

Our relief workers went to Laputta on June 6. They donated cash to some temples and two nunneries for reconstruction of their temples. During this time the junta was giving many problems to those who donate materials. In some cases, they even seized the materials. Our relief workers pretended that they were just going to visit their relatives at Laputta. That was why they donated cash only. Before going there, they had purchased some relief materials, which are still lying in their office. They donated 3,000,000 kyats- to Sukhitarama Parahita Temple, which is running a monastic school from class I to Class IV, for 300 students. Classes are being held every day, but the students are lacking text books, notebooks, pencils, and other supplies. The Relief workers also donated 3,000.000 each to two nunneries, each having around 25 to 30 nuns.

According to the report from the relief workers, the nunneries were badly damaged, and the nuns are suffering from a lack of food. They cannot go on alsrounds because at least one or two people died in every house in Laputta. Every household is having worries. When our relief workers donated cash to the nuns, they wept openly, for they had never received cash. Since the cyclone, they had received only a few kilogram of rice and some dry noodles, which was barely enough to stay alive. The junta has totally neglected them. In fact, the junta has done nothing good for the people from very beginning till now.

I have chosen unclear photos only so that the wicked people cannot recognize our workers. This is according to the relief workers' request.

Peace be unto you by the power of the Triple Gem.

With Metta,
Nando Batha
Young Buddhist Students Literacy Mission
Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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