New Donation to Victims of Cyclone Nargis in Laputta Township

These photos were taken during the distribution of relief aid by Young Buddhist Students Literacy Mission to two nunneries in Laputta Township.

The relief workers went to Laputta on August 14 and stayed for two days. It was raining heavily, and the roads were very bad. The nuns were very happy to see the relief workers again, but the situation is still very bad. Farmers have received so little assistance from the government that they cannot plant any crops. Thousands of people are still facing food shortage problems. Young Buddhist Students Literacy Mission hopes to help re-build these two nunneries, installing a good sanitation system, after the rains retreat.

For an interesting article describing the current situation in Burma, please see:

The New Yorker
August 20, 2008

Letter from Rangoon

Can the Burmese people rescue themselves?

by George Packer

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Laputta Township, August 2008
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