Jataka Tales of the Buddha: An Anthology -- Book Launch

Ken, Ven. Dhammavasa, Dr. Harischandra, and Visakha U.S. Ambassador, Patricia Butenis; Ven. Dhammavasa; and Ven. Dhammavilasa Ken and BPS Administrative Secretary, Mr. Weerasinghe Ken and Visakha
A book launch for Jataka Tales of the Buddha: An Anthology, Retold by Ken and Visakha Kawasaki, recently published by Buddhist Publication Society, was held in the Lake View Room of the Queen's Hotel, Kandy, the evening of September 8, 2010. Ven. Akuramboda Dhammavilasa of Vajiraramaya, Primrose, Kandy, gave Panca Sila to the attendees, and Ven. Wattegama Dhammavasa of Sri Subodharama Buddhist Centre, Peradeniya, spoke briefly about the place of the Jatakas in Buddhist literature

Dr. D. V. J. Harischandra, celebrated psychiatrist and author, had come to Kandy from Galle in order to address the gathering, which included the American Ambassador to Sri Lanka, notable Sri Lankan Buddhists, and members from the Sangha from Sri Lanka, Burma, China, the US, Cambodia, and Bangladesh. In his speech, Dr. Harischandra stressed the relevance of the Jatakas in understanding human society and gave pertinent examples of their usefulness in treating mental illness. He particularly lauded the readability of this new collection and recommended that it be adopted as a university text. After Dr. Harischandra's remarks, the authors read excerpts from three Jataka tales. In concluding the program, the authors expressed their appreciation to all those who assisted them in completing their work.

Lal Medawattegedera, author and teacher, served as Master of Ceremonies. After the program, members of the Sangha were served catumadhu and juice. The other guests enjoyed tea and refreshments.

Dr. D. V. J. Harischandra
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Lal Medawattegedera