Seventh Indian Intensive Buddhist English Course

Bodhisukha Monastery, Kolkata

January 1-13, 2018

Linda, Che, Ken, Visakha, and Ven. Dr. NandoBatha will offer two weeks of exciting classes of grammar, reading, writing, speaking, listening, critical thinking, and logic. Activities will include games, movies, and drama. Also planned is an excursion to the Indian Museum to view some of the most ancient and beautiful Buddhist art. Students will be monks and nuns from Burma, Bangladesh, and India, many of them studying at Indian universities. Classes will be conducted in the rooms of Bodhisukha School at Bodhisukha Monastery, where all the students will be staying during the course.
We are accepting donations to cover the cost of meals for the students. Every donor will be reognized on our donation board. Further donations will cover the cost of books, educational materials, game prizes, and transportation to the museum.