Fifth Bodhisukha Intensive English Course
Barasat, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
March 14 ~ April 14, 2012


The Course


At least one more volunteer teacher for the entire course or at least the second half: April 1-14.

We assure you that the experience teaching the monks in Kolkata is not to be missed! They are thoroughly educated in Pali and Buddhism, and so eager to master English that these classes are a teacher's dream.

The Kawasakis will be using their new textbook "Merit" and stories from the Jatakas. Other teachers are free to use their own materials and teach from their own area of expertise. Buddhist Relief Mission will provide support with needed materials.

The monks are very receptive to activities to increase "general knowledge," but the focus of the program is intensive English practice.

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Bodhisukha Monastery and school, with it's beautiful golden pagoda, is located in Barasat, a northern suburb of Kolkata. It serves the local community by providing English-medium education for local children and a number of boys from northeastern India who live at the monastery and perform daily chores.

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When the school is in recess, monks and nuns studying for advanced degrees at universities in India gather on the campus for intensive English study for one month. Classes are for six hours per day with regular evening activities and discussions.

These courses, organized by Buddhist Relief Mission, emphasize all language skills. Past courses have been taught by qualified volunteers from the U.S., Sri Lanka, Switzerland, and Malaysia.

Donations to provide nutritious meals for the monks, who are in class for six hours each day, as well as juice and catumadhu for sustenancei n the evening .

Cooking is done by the monastery staff.

One full meal for all students costs about US60.

Donations of any amount will be gratefully accepted.

During the one-month course, all donors' names will be announced and posted so that the monks can share merit with them before partaking of the meal.

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Sharing merit with our departed teacher, Ven. U Khe Min Da, Burmese Sayadaw in Japan, who passed away December 14.
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New Year's Dana at our house

(Remembering the birthday of Ken's brother, Louis)

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