Buddhist Relief Mission has created an exciting game!

In this challenging board game, players move around the Wheel of Life by answering questions based on Dhamma, the life of the Buddha, and Buddhist history. The first player to complete the circle is the winner. The questions are grouped into four levels of difficulty, with thirty-six questions at each level. Questions are determined by a roll of a die.

The game is ideal for Dhamma classes, English-as-a-second-language classes, families, and any group interested in learning about Buddhism. Not only in answering their own questions, but also in hearing the questions and answers of others, players can learn a great deal about Buddhism and deepen knowledge already acquired.

Each set of Buddhist Knowledge Quest contains a beautiful game board, eight colored markers, a die, 144 color-coded question-and-answer cards, and complete instructions for playing the game.

For advanced learners, many of the cards include references to the Buddha's teaching in the Pali Canon where more information about the answer can be found.

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Where was Prince Siddhattha born?
What are the Four Foundations of Mindfulness (satipatthana)?
What are the eight worldly conditions (loka-dhamma)?
What are the Seven Factors of Enlightenment?
What are the Three Characteristics of existence?
Who carried the sapling of the Bodhi tree to Sri Lanka?
What is the great Buddhist monument which was built in the ninth century on the island of Java in Indonesia?
Who was the Japanese prince who devoted his life to establishing Buddhism in Japan?
What is the first precept?
A REVIEW, from an inmate at a Michigan prision - "With reference to the Buddhist Knowledge Quest game, the guys in the group are really enjoying it! We had to make a "spin dial" though because we weren't allowed to use the cut-out die. I must admit myself that I found a number of the questions challenging – always a good thing. I do find it interesting, how this group had not been too big on structured Dhamma talks for learning, yet they really enjoy learning with this trivia game. It was a fantastic idea to put where some of the answers could be found in the game. It's given a couple of them the impetus to search them out. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift!" --Steve H.
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