BRM Creations

Answer questions and move around the Wheel of Life
Educational and Fun
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Wise Reflections

An Anthology of Meditations

Twenty-six common meditations for daily recitation
A four-page booklet in PDF format
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This is an 80-minute multimedia presentaion with 286 photographs from temples, museums, and Buddhist sites throughout the world. The soundtrack includes an authoritative narration of the life of the Buddha and Buddhist teaching and chanting from many traditions. An accompanying booklet offers the complete text and photo identification.

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Includes booklet with complete text and photo identification
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Pali Chanting--International

A set of two audio CDs.
Homage to the Buddha and Paritta chanting from many Theravada traditions--Burmese, Thai, Sri Lankan, Lao, Khmer.
Includes text in both Pali and English.

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