Blessing of new residence and office
July 28, 2002

Eight monks--Burmese, Sri Lankan, Khmer, Bangladeshi, Lao, and Indian--before the altar

A House Blessing for Ken & Visakha Kawasaki
July 28, 2002
Composed by Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi


A couple united by love of the Dhamma
Whose gaze falls fondly on the Blessed One's face;
Who are earnestly devoted to study and practice
And heedfully attend to the needs of the Sangha;

Who focus their eyes on the ultimate goal,
Yet expand their hearts to embrace the whole world;
Whose minds try to fathom the abstruse truths
While they take delight in deeds of compassion;

Who diligently accumulate the double requisites
Of wise understanding and virtuous conduct;
Whose merits cause the devas and nagas to rejoice
As they seek to sustain the Teaching's life-blood:

Surely the radiance of the sublime Triple Gem,
The unsurpassed refuge from suffering for the world,
Will enfold in an aura of protective grace
The house into which you have recently moved.


May the clouds of the Blessed One's spiritual powers,
His unrivalled knowledge and boundless compassion,
Pour down upon your house like a monsoon rain,
Nurturing the roots of your wholesome qualities.

May the Dhamma as doctrine, path, and fruition,
As Nibbana the Deathless, the state beyond sorrow,
Infuse your home with the glory of truth
And make it an oasis for thirsty seekers.

May the wavelike blessings of the Sangha-jewel,
From Sariputta and Moggala to the present-day Order,
Dispel all threats from the forces of darkness
And envelop your home with the aura of purity.

May the three discourses of protective might--
The Metta, Ratana, and Mangala Suttas--
Resound like a chorus of celestial angels,
Bringing you success in all you undertake.

May the Dhamma-protectors in all ten directions,
The gods in the heavens and the nagas of the earth,
Ward off all dangers, misfortunes, and hazards,
And ensure you live happily in your new abode.

May you dwell at home like monks in the forest,
Delighting in meditation, devoted to good works.
May your home shine brightly like a heavenly palace,
A beacon of Dhamma giving solace to all beings.


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