Jataka Tales of the Buddha, Recording

From Jataka Tales of the Buddha: An Anthology, Retold by Ken & Visakha Kawasaki, Buddhist Publication Society, 2010; Buddhist Cultural Centre, 2012
Recorded by Visakha Kawasaki
Not One Drop of Blood
Maha-Silava Jataka
Volume 1
The Rabbit in the Moon
Sasa Jataka
Volume 2
The Sound the Hare Heard
Duddubha Jataka
Volume 2
From a Few Words
Sarabha Miga Jataka
Volume 2
Chandala Champion
Matanga Jataka
Volume 2
Prince Vessantara
Vessantara Jataka
Volume 3
Here is a Tale, not included in the Anthology, but retold in the same way.
The Punishing Wave
Samudda-Vanija Jataka
Jataka 466
This is not a Jataka tale. It is a story from the Dhammapada.
Recorded by Ken Kawasaki.
Dhammapada 5
Between 1995 and 2002, Buddhist Publication Society published five small Bodhi Leaves, Jataka Tales of the Buddha, retold by Ken & Visakha Kawasaki, with earlier versions of some of these same stories. Here are a few selections from those books..
Recorded by Cameron Beatty
Part 1
Bodhi Leaves No. 135,1995
Part 2
Bodhi Leaves No. 138,1996
Crossing the Wilderness
Apannaka Jataka
The Traders of Seriva
Serivavanija Jataka
What's in a Name?
Kalakanni Jataka
The Goat That Laughed and Wept
Matakabhatta Jataka
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