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Halockhani Monastery

After the mon refugees were forced back into a new camp at Halockhani inside Burma, Buddhist Relief Mission received a request for assistance in building a monastery, and we were able to send a donation. Here is the letter we received from the refugees.

17th June, 1997
Dear friends in the Dhamma,
With the sum of 30,000 baht, we ordered wood and started the construction in February. People come to work for free with their cetana. And everybody is very happy to know that the friends in Japan also participated in this work, even not with their hands but with their mind and donation.
The Burmese soldiers had come to the camp last month but they didn't disturb anything to the construction, just brought a little bit of fear to the people. We hope that one day you, our friends, can come to visit us in Halockhani and bring a good hope for our future.

With Metta,
The Halockhani Monastery Committee
Halockhani Camp, Thai-Burma Border

The students of the Dhammacakka Training Course

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Kamoorah Monastery

Buddhist Relief Mission is supporting the monastery in Umpien Refugee Camp for Karen refugees, on the Thai/Burma border south of Mae Sot. This camp was established in 1999 when about 5000 refugees were moved from Huay Kalok Camp.

The abbot of the temple Ven. Nyanawara has organized a school to teach Pwo Karen literacy. Each year there are also classes in Dhamma for young people. Each August the temple organizes a cultural program which includes a traditional wrist-tying ceremony to honor the elders of the community.

1998 brought happy changes to Gong Pa Am, the temple-hermitage of our old friend and teacher, Gong Pa Sunim in Korea. The lovely new building was finished and dedicated. Set in the midst of rice fields, it is a welcome retreat, a quiet haven far from the noise and bustle of Pusan City. Sunim wrote that he is still busy, studying, meditating, working, worshiping, preaching, and translating in his new temple. Ken and Visakha had hoped to be able to attend the dedication in October, since they have long felt a part of Gong Pa Am. Even though that wasn't possible, we rejoiced when we saw the beautiful Gong Pa Am Buddha image enshrined in such a wonderful setting and to know that this dedicated Korean monk continues his work for the Sasana.
Gong Pa Am

Burmese Monastery in Calcutta, India
In October 2000, Buddhist Relief Mission received a letter from Ven. Nandobatha of the Young Buddhist Student Literacy Mission in Calcutta, detailing the horrendous floods that had hit Bengal, causing great devastation. At least two million people had lost their homes, property, livestock, and livelihood. The death toll had reached 1500. There were already displaced families sheltering in the temple. A donation from BRM provided dry rations and medicine

Street scenes in Calcutta near the Monastery in October 2000

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