Dorothy and Jennie in Sri Lanka
August 3-19, 2019

Our friends, Dorothy and Jennie, visited us in Kandy .It was a wonderful sixteen days. Here is a record of their visit.

We must admit that we suffer from an embarrassment of riches! It’s not money, of course, with our minuscule Social Security, tiny pension, and diminishing savings. Our wealth is a comfortable house with stunning views from every window, sitting above a jungle teeming with birds and wildlife; a garden always full of astonishing flowers, amazing leaves, butterflies, and beetles; peace, silence, and clean air, so conducive to reflection; the good people and beasts sharing our world; and spontaneous smiles from passers-by.

There’s no way to spend these riches except to share them. Our greatest joy is to offer hospitality to friends and acquaintances (who become friends).

The world outside is mad and changing in countless untoward ways. The best antidote we have found for despair is friendship. We were both brought up in hospitable households; having guests is a family tradition that we both share. We welcome you to come and share our treasures.