Reunions 2004

In May 2004, Ken's Firelands High School Class of '64 celebrated their fortieth reunion. It was a great party. Better not to admit how many he could not recognize since this was the first reunion we had been able to attend.

Lynne Rahmeier, one of Ken's high school English teachers, and her husband Paul now live in Massachusetts. On the way to Ohio for the family reunion, we drove out to visit them for a couple of days. She is now teaching music

Susy, who lived near Ken growing up, was one of the organizers and greeters
In July 2004 the Kawasaki clan held its first ever two-day reunion at Mohican State Park in Ohio. Of course, everyone couldn't make it, but it was a lot of fun anyway. With two swimming pools, the park is really a swank resort.

The next day, the Kawasakis (above) joined the Kernells and Watsons for the the biennial reunion of the Wright sisters at Mill Hollow Park in Brownhelm.

Pat Leimbach (right), definitely an honorary Kawasaki, attended both reunions.