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Relief Notes is the annual newsletter published by Ken and Visakha Kawasaki, highlighting the activities of Buddhist Relief Mission and Burmese Relief Center--USA. The contents may be reproduced freely. If you would like a printed copy (no color) of this newsletter, please contact us and give us your postal address, we would be happy to send one.
Table of Contents

Tolerance in Buddhism

An Essay

by Ken and Visakha

January 29, 2004

by Sally Olsen

Impressions of a visit to the
Thai-Burmese border

A Young Man Visits a
Buddhist Country

by J
oshua Gerlach

A new U of M grad's
first experiences at
foreign travel

Women as Peacemakers

Message given at
Woodside Church
Sunday, Feburary 8, 2004
by the Rev. Jean Munro

Shan Women's Action Network
License to Rape

Journey to Thailand
January 2004

by Beverly Duval

An account of travelling in Thailand and on the border


The third annual almsround in Flint

Reunions 2004

Photos from high school and family reunions in Ohio

Mahakapi Jataka
The Great Monkey King

Aselection from
Jataka Tales of the Buddha
Bodhi Leaves
The Buddhist Publication Society



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