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Relief Notes is the annual newsletter published by Ken and Visakha Kawasaki, highlighting the activities of Buddhist Relief Mission and Burmese Relief Center--USA. The contents may be reproduced freely. If you would like a printed copy (no color) of this newsletter, please contact us and give us your postal address, we would be happy to send one.
Table of Contents

Buddhism and War

An Article by Ken and Visakha Kawasaki

Damn Those Dams, Again!

Revisiting plans for dams on the Salween River, the environmental and humanitarian consequences. A call to action.

Suffering in Shan State

A look at human rights abuses, including forced relocation and systematic rape, in Shan State, the largest ethnic state in Burma.


A narrative by Marsha Woodbyof her travels to refugee projects in Thailand with BRC--USA.

Hmong Pa'ndau
at Woodside Church

Hmong quilts from the Kawasaki collection displayed in Flint's 2002 Quiliting Festival

Prison Action

BRM continues to support Buddhist groups in prisons throughout the United States.

Vattaka Jataka
The Baby Quail

The Buddhist Publication Society publishes another volume of Jataka Stories in the Bodhi Leaves series.



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